Knitting Oil is manufactured from a combination of high-quality HVI solvent-extracted dual hydrogenated paraffin base oils which have good lubricity, good oxidation stability, and give good protection against rust.  Formulated not only to meet the exacting requirements of today’s knitting machine technology but also to be fully compatible with the yarns and the finishing routes to which the knitted fabric is subjected.

In the case of incidental contact with fabric or fibers, Real Oil is formulated to be a truly washable oil using just plain water.  This oil can be removed without the use of commercial washing liquors or caustic cleaning agents.

Available ISO grade: 22, 32


  • Prevent deposit build-up on needle mechanism Resist oxidation and deposit formation that may otherwise give rise to uneven movement and flaws. Knitting machine oil contains a size solvent to prevent the build-up of gummy deposits where sized yarn is used.
  • Excellent anti-wear performance Provide high levels of anti-wear protection for needles and high precision, close tolerance components of the needle mechanism.
  • Low energy consumption is specially developed to provide required lubrication at low viscosities, such that energy consumption, maintenance, and downtime costs are minimized and high productivity maintained.
  • Readily scour able although specially developed to resist fling off, oil droplets contaminating yarn are readily removed using conventional scouring processes.
  • Excellent corrosion prevention characteristics Provide effective protection of machine components in contact with moist air and water-based size even under intermittent operating conditions. Knitting machine oils are compatible with all seal materials suitable for use with mineral oils.

Pack:  20L & 208L Drum